Important Site Update

Thank you for joining TERVURENPACKOZZY.COM! Please take a moment to read the following very important update:

The website was originally intended for a small group of Facebook friends to provide them with the means to provide access to veterinary and emergency first aid information for their dogs while posting photos and media of my dogs' daily exploits. Since then, the site has grown at an unexpectedly fast rate. It has become apparent that a dual-purpose website is no longer ideal, and so the website has been split into two new websites:

VETREF will now contain all veterinary materials

TERVURENPACKOZZY will host only the blog and media about my dogs.

Your membership at TERVURENPACKOZZY.COM has been transferred to VETREF.COM and will continue uninterrupted; however, please note that the URL for the site you originally joined has changed to VETREF.COM. You will continue to have access to K9 Emergency First Aid information as well as the steadily growing library of reference articles.

If you want to join or re-join TERVURENPACKOZZY.COM, please send a new membership request. If you have any questions, concerns, or comments please let me know.

Again, thank you for joining VETREF!

Mico Nelson, DVM