One Dog's Life Saved…. Already

I wanted to share an email from this morning:

“Hi I am writing because something happened with my dog, she snagged a bar of dark chocolate last night and swallowed it wrapper and all before I could stop her she is like that. I wanted you to know that I had just finished reading the first aid section on the site [] and because I did I knew what to do and I made her throw up just like you described and I put it all in a bag and raced to the vet and she was ok. The vet did a heart monitor and there was nothing she was fine. So I wanted to say thank you the vet said what I did probably saved her life and thank you sooooo much!!!”

[Name withheld by request]

Note from VetRef: This is exactly what VetRef is about, why it exists, and I can’t tell you how good this email makes me feel.

Membership at is free and only requires your name and email. There is no advertising, data collection, or sales. It's just free life-saving information. Please share VETREF with every dog owner you know. Thanks!

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