TPO Links: TPO Links: The Official TPO Website Blogs, photographs, comix, videos, and so much more! (This is the only place where the photo galleries can be seen.) The Official TPO Veterinary Site Full of emergency first aid procedures, veterinary information, updates, and, well, lots of useful stuff: Vimeo: The TPO Video Archive All TPO videos (69 so far!) Are located here: MeWe: The TPO Page Although not as active as FB, some FB friends have joined; it is our FB alternative and lifeboat should FB close after paying out its latest $5B judgement against them. It ensures that we never lose touch: MeWe: BELGIAN SHEPHERD PUPPIES AND BREEDERS All breeders are invited to participate and post. MeWe: GREY BELGIAN TERVURENS Yep. On MeWe. So far it's just Ozzy but we are ever hopeful.... MeWe: THE BELGIAN TERVUREN AND GROENENDAEL GROUP MeWe: TERVUREN PACK OZZY (TPO)

The official TPO MeWe group!

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