VETREF Back Online

The number of people who generally express an interest in learning something always far exceed the number of people who actually bother to learn that something. This happened last year; I asked if people were interested in topic, got lots of positive answers, busted my ass writing that topic, and found that 2 out of over 25 people actually had bothered to look at it. I got fed up, and I also got fed up because the site was getting almost zero traffic, so I closed it last December.

In retrospect, that was pretty stupid of me, because if someone professes to care deeply about their dogs but does absolutely no reading to get the information needed to save a life, understand a disease process, etc. then that pretty much means they're projecting a false social media image. That would suggest that their dog matters less to them than they would have people believe, and there's nothing I can do about that. I can't fix full-of-shit. If something happens to a dog whose owner had free access to the information that could have saved that dog's life, but they never bothered to read it... well, that's on them. Not me. If someone can't identify heatstroke or treat it despite the clearly written article about it in VetRef, not my problem. If an incompetent vet makes a bad call and the worst happens, but the information in this site could have avoided it... again, not on me. That's on the owner, because ultimately it's the owner's job to protect their dog, even from bad vets. And it's pretty clear that trustworthy vets are fewer in number with each passing year.

This site isn't written for veterinarians. It's written for everyone who isn't one. Anyone can understand what's been written here, and if they can't then it's probably my fault for not explaining it more clearly.

So the site is reopened, and I pray nothing happens to your dog. If it does, I pray that you cared enough about your dog to read and learn what's contained in this website. If you didn't, well.... it won't be my problem. It'll be yours.

This isn't a guilt trip. It's reality.



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