Recently I discovered several people from Facebook had objected to having to "jump through hoops" (e.g., having to sign up with email and address information) and that potentially lifesaving information should be "freely distributed", despite the fact that it actually is and despite the fact that these materials are copywritten and privately owned. However, vet school, the cost of assembling and presenting these materials, and all other aspects of bringing the information to the general public are NOT free; I was content to shoulder these costs myself for the benefit of dog owners, but I am not content to do so under these circumstances. These same entitled individuals attempted to gain access to this site, and the last several days have been filled with subscription requests; some of the email addresses are obvious fakes; again, one can make reasonable assumptions about intent. In addition, I found that a now blocked FB friend had copied and re-pasted some material from the site, despite the clear warnings everywhere not to. When I messaged her why she'd done this despite the TOS, she replied "My heart is bigger than my head. I have no excuse".

Violating the TOS intentionally is malicious, disrespectful, and shows absolute contempt for the copyright holder's rights; in this case, me. These are all symptoms of the Age of Entitlement, where individual needs, wants, and opinions trump all, including copyright law and ownership.

Unfortunately, the only way to ensure that this stops is to close the site. VETREF was supposed to have been a free, easily accessible resource for all dog owners, and it has become apparent that providing this information in this day and age under conditions of trust and respect for copyright ownership is impossible. Hopefully, the materials in VETREF will eventually become available again through a pay site and/or through a published book for sale.

I regret any inconvenience that this site closure may cause you and thank you for your support in having joined VETREF.

-M. Nelson, DVM

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